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Moodle: Help

What is Moodle?

What is Moodle used for?

What is Moodle used for?

You may be asking how we use Moodle here at Bournville College: this section explains everything.

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Moodle is designed to help you succeed in your course by providing extra support throughout your studies.

Resources to assist you in your studies

 Moodle contains dedicated course areas for your course (or courses): inside each of these course areas are information and resources to assist you in your studies. These resources may include:

  • Presentations
  • Handouts
  • Assignment briefs
  • Case studies
  • Links to useful websites
  • Videos

and more.

Interactive activities

You can also do many other things in your Moodle course area (such as quizzes and games, submit assignments, discuss your learning in forums, and much more).

As with any classroom, Moodle is always changing, so expect each tutor and each unit to use different tools and techniques.

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