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Exam Preparation

Exam Prep


1 day before...

Tools and advice

Stay calm...



Know when to stop

Your anxiety may get the better of you and tempt you to stay up and cram. This may do more harm then good as studies show you are less  likely to remember this information. You will also be tired and unfocused in the exam if you don't get enough rest.

Article: Why cramming for tests often fails


Get what you will need ready and organised


Bag, water bottle, stationary and ID card

Pack your bag the night before. This will mean that you have one less to thing to think about in the morning.

include stationary and equipment need for the exam, a clear plastic water bottle and you student ID card.

Get as much organised for the morning as you can. Do you need change for the bus? Have you remembered to pack your glasses? Will you need to check the train times to come in earlier than usual?

Set an alarm...and have a back up


The last thing you want is to be late or worse sleep through your exam. Go to bed at a good time so you get enough rest the night before. Set an alarm and have a backup if possible - even if its just asking a family member to check that you have woken up. That way if you know that you usually sleep through the alarm someone will make sure you have left home in time.


alarm clocks