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How to login to Moodle


How to login to Moodle

This section provides information on how to login to Moodle so that you have access the resources.

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It’s easy to login to Moodle.

Moodle is password protected to provide a secure area for study, so you will need to login to Moodle in order to access the course areas for your studies.

You can login to Moodle using the Username and Password which you use to login to computers in the college. The Login box is located in the top right hand corner of the front page of Moodle.

To login:

  • Type your college Username and Password into the text boxes in the Login box
  • Then click the Login button to log in to Moodle

Please note: You cannot login to Moodle at home until you have logged in once to a computer inside the college. The reason for this is that Moodle needs to recognise your login details from the college IT system: if you have never logged in to a college PC, Moodle will not recognise you.


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