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How to find your course on Moodle


How to find your course on Moodle

This section provides information on how to find your course on Moodle.

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When you have first logged in to Moodle, you will now have to find and enrol on the course area for your studies.

Your tutor should guide you through this process. If you are not sure, ask your tutor.

You can search for your course area in the list of Courses. If you click on the Find a course button on the front page, you will see a list of course categories (in alphabetical order). Scroll down to your category and enter it: when you do, you will see the courses for that particular category. Click on the name of your course to access it. When you first access the course, you will be asked if you want to enrol on the course in Moodle: click the Yes button.

When you have enrolled on your course in Moodle, a quick link to the course will appear on your My Moodle page. The My Moodle page can be found by clicking on the My Moodle links in the Courses and My Moodle dropdown menu options.


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